What to do if you’re in a traffic accident.

Kansas City sees its fair share of winter weather, and slippery roads can lead to serious accidents. Even
if you take all the right precautions fender benders and serious crashes can still occur. If you do find
yourself in a traffic accident, due to inclement weather, keep this information in mind.

Traffic Accident Lee's Summit Lawyer Call James Witteman for you Traffic Accident Legal NeedsAfter A Traffic Accident Move Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is blocking the roadway, move it out of the way if you’re able too. Keep in mind to make
sure you do not leave the scene of the accident but if your car is operable try to move it over to the
shoulder or out of the roadway. Do not get out of your car until you are safely off the road. If you cannot
move the car, turn on your flashers and wait for the police to arrive.

Check for Injuries

Do ensure that the other driver is physically okay. If anyone involved in the accident is hurt, call
emergency personnel immediately.

Remain Calm…and Quiet After the Traffic Accident

Remaining calm is one of the most important things you can do in this type of high-stress situation. Do
not try to blame the other driver, but also don’t admit to any fault. Doing so could incriminate you in
future criminal and civil court proceedings.

Call the Police

It is important to call the police even if nobody is hurt. Leave it up to the police to decide if an officer
should be sent, and a report should be filed. Fully cooperate with the officer at the scene and do not
interfere with any investigations.

Exchange Information

Make sure you get personal information from the other driver(s) in the accident. Having names,
addresses, phone numbers and other contact information on file will be important. Also, get the other
driver’s insurance information, such as the company’s name and policy number.

Take Photos Of The Traffic Accident

Use your cell phone to take photos of any damage to your vehicle and of the accident location. If you
have visible injuries and are able to, take a picture of them as well.

You can never predict when a traffic accident will happen, but you can be prepared in the event that one does.
Keep your insurance information, a flashlight, a first-aid kit and a heavy blanket handy. It is also a good
idea to keep your cell phone charged so you can call for help if help is necessary. If you have been
injured in a crash and need legal advice, please call James A Witteman, JR, LLC – Attorney at Law at 816-
600-1083 for help from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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